The idea for You Me Oui came after receiving wedding invitations, which read like a novel, then losing the important pages to said novel and having to text a friend to ask for the address of the venue. Yes, we probably need to be more organised!

So when our founder got married, she decided to make it harder to lose the invitation and came up with a simple geometric design to give the guests all the information they needed about the big day just by giving the invite a quick twist. It also saved trees and looked lovely pinned to a notice board: win, win.

Why does wedding stationery have to be boring?  Our designs are inspired by the fact that being a guest at a wedding is fun: love, laughter, confetti, booze, dancing and snogging the best man. (Just our designer? They are married now, true story.)  You Me Oui want you to embrace your individuality using on-trend patterns and colours (and help you bring to life the dream wedding on your Pinterest board.)

Ultimately, we want to design things that are simple but fun, make brides and grooms happy and guests in awe (not late).